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Are you someone that experiences and deals with large pores? Well, they are a common skincare issue that people continue to complain about. Effectively Shrink One in five women (21 percent) say they began noticing the size of their pores between the ages of fifteen and twenty. But the problem is that making them smaller isn’t as simple as 1,2,3. Despite contrary belief there are actually no muscles within your pores, so treatments with cold water will not shrink them.

What causes large pores?

So, what’s the bad news? Well, the size of your pores is contingent mostly on your genes. All in all, no single lotion will make pores miraculously shrink in size, and definitely not instantly. Treating pore size is definitely a constant work in progress as you’re battling both genetics and aging. But don’t worry as over-the-counter products have the capability to briefly reduce the appearance of pores, and there are also treatments that unclog big pores so they’re much less visible.

Why do some people have larger pores than other people?

The size of your pores can be impacted by several factors, such as your age, ethnic background, and depending whether or not you smoke or have sun damage on your skin.

Can pimples stretch out your pores?

Pimples can in fact stretch out pores. When pores grow to be filled with oil and dirt, pimples can appear and fully take control over the pore, which is the reason why some pores look bigger than others. They transform and become stretched, and the quicker a pimple can be healed, the better probability you have at not stretching pores.

Will picking your pores make them worse?

Picking your pores and pimples is a habit that needs to stop. If your end goal is to have fewer pimples and smaller pores, you need to stop picking right away. When you squeeze and stretch the skin, you’re adding to the formation of fine lines, inflammation, and irritation, all of which impact the size of your pores over time.

Can the pores on your face really open and close?

Your pores don’t actually open and close. But if pores do grow to be clogged by surplus oil, dead skin cells, or bacteria, a whitehead or blackhead can buildup on top of the pore.

Do pore strips help?

Depending on if you choose a nose, chin, or forehead strip, utilizing pore strips to remove blackheads (as well as other build-up) in pores can help minimize their presence, but keep in mind that pore strips usually won’t eliminate the hair in a pore.

The best pore-reducing products

Pores essentially are hair follicles. And not depending on their size, they can seem more visible if you have blackheads, a buildup of oil and dead skin cells that allows follicles to appear darker. So, some of the top pore-minimizing products are in fact pore-unclogging products like physical and chemical exfoliators and pore strips. Dead cells located around the opening of the pores meddle with light reflection and make them appear larger. By eliminating additional oil within the pore, you can make them appear smaller. Specific Ingredients like retinol, alpha and beta hydroxy acids, kaolin clay, and benzoyl peroxide also have the capability to make pores appear cleaner and essentially smaller.

When home remedies aren’t working, consider booking an appointment with your skincare expert for in-office extractions, which in fact reduce pores so they appear smaller. Microdermabrasion is also a treatment that is helpful for the same reason because it gets rid of dead surface skin.

Other treatment options consist of laser resurfacing treatments and chemical peels. These treatments are beneficial for developing collagen. In fact, boosting collagen production is important since it can assist with boosting skin located around pores.

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