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Are you unhappy with your lips? Are you searching for a way to make your lips look like Angelina Jolie’s? Let’s face it, you’ve been dreaming to have lips like that, but you don’t want to have injections. Yes, lip injections are popular and many people on social media post photos of their new lips that they had done with either injections or fillers.

It is evident that people are open about the treatments they have done to their lips. When it comes to fillers they offer a service in regard to the non-invasive aesthetics sector. By injecting a filler into the lips it plumps the lips which will add filler beneath the bottom lip in order to make it stand out more. But there is another way to make your lips more pronounced, and it is called tattooing. You may think this is a new treatment, but it has actually been around for a long time. Another phrase for it is called lip blushing. This treatment not only fixes but also enhances the overall shape, and size of your lips as well.

What is lip tattooing/blushing?

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Lip blushing/tattooing is something that remains permanent.  Inherently, it is a tattoo that is cosmetic for the lips that will enhance the overall allurement of the lip in terms of colour, shape, definition, and fullness. This service provides a very natural outcome once the lip heals after the treatment. Yes, doing a lip filler sustains volume in your lips, but what it doesn’t provide that lip blushing offers is a more natural look of more plump lips.

How does it work?

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The treatment involves using a small needle that deposits pigment into the lips. This builds layers of colour, and it can be a service that helps to even out the tone of the lips. In addition, it also helps with asymmetry. Lip blushing is a treatment that again is meant to provide a natural look. This treatment has been described as an evolution in terms of permanent makeup services.

When a traditional permanent makeup treatment is done a machine that is strong is used as well as synthetics pigments, and it goes deep into the dermis. Lip blushing today is different as organic pigments are utilized as well as digital tools. The end results provide a more natural look. The last thing you want is to get a lip treatment done, and it looks too drastic and not natural.

Today, newer techniques have been set in place. Such as machines that are more gentle and advanced makeup pigments. Some skincare experts even use vegan line pigments. When it comes to using carbon-based tattoo ink, which means harsh results. 

Is the treatment actually permanent?

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The treatment is similar to microblading which uses a blade to physically produce small cuts in the skin, which are then topped up with ink. So, when it comes to lip blushing the results will last approximately 1-3 years after your initial touch up.  It is important to note that your lifestyle will have an effect on how long it lasts. For example, if you smoke and spend a lot of time in the sun this will result in fading. As well, if you’re oil-prone, have a deficiency of iron, and use products for exfoliating your skin, the pigment has the likelihood to fade at a faster rate.

Yes, a tattoo on the lips may sound like an unpleasant treatment, particularly if you’re looking for a different treatment option outside of getting injections. But in terms of pain, it is not as bad as you might anticipate. If the pain had to be rated from 1 to 10 it ranges to about a three or four out of 10, with ten being the most painful of course.

The lips are numbed before the treatment is done and people who have done this treatment say there is little to no discomfort. But if you are someone who has a low pain tolerance you can take a pain medication such as Tylenol before the treatment. We don’t recommend taking aspirin or ibuprofen as they are considered blood thinners, and you may be more sensitive to the treatment. In addition, you should steer clear of taking fish oil and vitamin E.

What happens during and after the treatment?

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The prep involved when you arrive for your appointment is that a topical anaesthetic is applied in order to numb the lips for about 20-30 minutes. After that, the skincare expert will draw the shape of the new lips so that you will be able to examine and make any desired changes that you might want. Usually, fullness on the sides of the lips is desired as this makes the lips more enhanced. The natural colour is usually not present in those areas.  The treatment generally takes about 2.5 – 3 hours from start to finish.

Your lips might be swollen after the treatment since it is a tattoo and this is perfectly normal. Over the next week, your lips will begin to recover and this may result in some scabbing. You should treat your lips with a wet cotton pad and allow them to air dry. This allows the lips to stay clean and to get rid of any bodily fluids that may surface. It is also suggested refraining from exercising and staying out of the sun. You should also avoid sleeping on your face.  Apply Polysporin ointment with a cotton swab only (no fingers) for the first 2-3days.  Keep lips moist at all times with good lip balm (Blistex, Burt Bees, Chapstick) during the healing process.

It is normal for the colour to fade during the two weeks following treatment.  If you apply makeup during the 7 days following treatment, you do so at your own risk.

Clients who have been prescribed an antibiotic cream should follow the instructions of their medical practitioner.  Healing will take up to four weeks, and it is perfectly normal for the treated area to scab, these scabs will fall off within a few days. It is important to not pick the scabs and to let them fall off on their own. If you pick the scabs they will scar, and you will interfere with the pigment in those areas.

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