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There is some truth to that trite and overused statement “you are what you eat”. While a few indulgences won’t cause any serious damage, certain eating trends may cause you to appear older than you really are. Below are some foods to avoid (at least for the most part)


When you eat more sugar than your skin can process the excess sugar molecules can damage your skin’s collagen. Since collagen is the key protein that keeps skin looking firm and youthful, this will bring about a more aged appearance.


A healthy liver means healthy skin. If toxins build up in your liver, your skin can develop a variety of issues such as acne, redness, and wrinkles. Not to forget the dehydrating effects of alcohol which adds to the overall harm caused to your skin.

Charred Meat

The black char on your burger may contain pro-inflammatory hydrocarbons. This presents a problem because inflammation breaks down the collagen in your skins. And as mentioned above, collagen is a key factor in keeping your skinslooking youthful and firm.

Salty Foods

Keep in mind many canned foods are preserved with sodium, which has the same effect on your skins as eating a bag of potato chips. Among other things, sodium causes you to retain water which causes a ‘puffy’ look.

Processed Meats

Such as: deli meat, sausage, and bacon. These meats will usually have sulfites and other preservatives which can trigger inflammation in the skin, thus accelerating the appearance of aging. They also tend to be high in salt causing the puffiness as mentioned above.

Anything Caffeinated

As we all know, caffeine is a diuretic. Anything that causes you to excrete fluid, will act to deplete your body of moisture. This cause of dehydration will cause your skinsto look aged and dull.
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