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10 common causes for acne and blemishes

A common skin question that is always asked and heard most often is, “My teenage years are long gone, so why do I still get blemishes and acne?” Well due to hormonal acne and blemishes variability brought over from your teenage years, it’s not rare to get acne while you are still in your 20’s. But as you progress from your late 20’s and forward, you would think that your breakouts would be less frequent. But as many people have now discovered, this is actually not the case. Because the breakouts are sporadic, it’s standard to wonder why you’ll have clear skin for some time and then one day breakouts appear. You start to wonder what could be causing it. Is it from anxiety or stress? Are you not washing your face enough? Are you eating the wrong foods? Or is it PMS? The answer isn’t always black or white, but if you still get occasional blemishes, ask yourself these questions.

Do you touch your face a lot?

This may come as a shocker, but without even noticing that you are touching your face all the time, doing this immediately develops the face as the filthiest part of your body. While it’s essential to wash your skin every night, it’s also crucial to try to avoid touching your face all the time. Doing this accumulates bacteria on your skin that increases acne bacteria. So here is a skin tip for you that will help keep your pesky hands away from your face: keep your hands occupied by getting a toy or gadget that you can have in your hands at times when you are more prone to be touching your skin. At the end of the day, this will help immensely, as touching our faces is a bad habit.

Is dairy a part of your regular diet?

When you obtain cystic acne, which form as tough, painful and ingrown on jaw line, it could be an indication that you’re receiving more dairy in your diet than your body is used to. Many are unaware that our skin operates as an evacuative to eliminate things that our bodies don’t like, so when you are consuming a lot of dairy, it is simply so much more difficult to absorb and as a result it forms cystic blemishes usually in the lower area of our faces. To see if dairy is causing your breakouts, you can try eliminating dairy for a few weeks and if you notice a difference try reducing your dairy intake. You don’t have to completely eliminate it from your diet, but when you notice that you’re breaking out, that is a sign of your body’s tolerance level.

Are you stressing a lot?

People who have experience increases in stress also have the greatest increase in acne severity. Stress not only influences acne breakouts. On the whole, it aggravates the complete skin condition. It tempts the adrenal glands into excessive production of cortisol, a steroid, which then makes sebaceous glands create more oil and make skin even oilier. Therefore, the motive why people who stress more, therefore encounter more acne and this produces further inflamed, puss-filled blemishes versus whiteheads or blackheads.

Do you not wash your skin at night?

Oil on the skin produces a reproduction ground of bacteria, and bacteria will produce acne. In addition, not removing your makeup before bed also accumulates more oil, dirt and debris that has been formulated on the skin throughout the day, which can definitely elicit new breakouts.

Have you started using new skin care products?

When you start using new products on your skin, there’s the chance you might get some new blemishes, mainly if the products are providing your skin with extra exfoliation than usual. If it carries on, then this should be a red flag that the product isn’t good for your skin.

Are you about to start your menstrual cycle?

It is very common for most women that they can experience a course of blemishes at the start of their monthly cycle. It is good to know that this is completely customary but can be very exasperating and annoying.

Are you peri-menopausal or going through menopause?

A good way to look at hormones is that they are chemical couriers, fashioned by our bodies to control everything from metabolism to cell growth to reproductive cycles and even ambiance. When they change, they can produce weight gain, depression, insomnia and exhaustion in accumulation to breakouts. A common precursor for hormonal disparity is when your monthly cycle is incoherent and irregular or has suddenly stopped.

Are you eating spicy foods?

Spicy foods frequently contain foods like tomatoes and peppers, which contain acid that can aggravate some people, offsetting their skin’s pH levels and therefore produce breakouts. However, it is not only spicy foods that can irritate your skin. Some people have an aversion to bread as well. So, this should tell you that how your skin responds to what you eat is a definite sign leading to your breakouts.

Do you smoke?

Each time you smoke, you reduce the amount of oxygen that goes to your face. This not only influences you to cancer and causes the collapse of collagen that leads to wrinkles and amplified pore size, but the carcinogens that come from the smoke can additionally aggravate your skin and dry it out, initiating your skin to generate more oil and yes more acne.

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