Many individuals are critical of their appearance due to many reasons but one of the most common concerns women have is about puffiness and dark circles. Dark circles and puffy eyes are common skin concerns and not only with older people. It can allow people to appear tired and, even when this isn’t the case. Therefore, many people feel uncomfortable about the way they look and attempt to feel better by try covering them up with makeup. Many people are mindful about cosmetic procedures for a short period of time to reduce puffiness and dark circles. Sadly, not many people are aware of beneficial, non-invasive treatment. This treatment specifically catered to dark circles and puffiness, here Mederm Esthetics and Laser is Microneedling. So, the short answer to many people wondering if micro-needling is a good treatment for puffiness and dark circles is yes!

What Causes Dark Circles?

Common for both men and women, dark circles can make you look older than you are. Even though they are called dark circles, they are actually not circles; they are pools of blood beneath the eyes. Although anyone can get dark circles, they are most common in older individuals who have an inherited tendency to this condition. Fatigue is usually the most common link to dark circles; however, several elements can play a part in producing dark circles underneath the eyes. Some reasons include eye strain, allergies, dehydration, and too much sun exposure.

What is Microneedling? And why it benefits your eyes

If you’re unfamiliar with micro-needling, it’s a non-invasive treatment that utilizes small needles to infiltrate the skin with the intention to initiate the process of healing the skin. Also, collagen levels are increased, the skin rises to the surface producing smoother, youthful-looking skin and it activates the body’s innate healing process. Microneedling specifically to remedy the look of your eyes includes the utilization of small needles to the skin surrounding your eyes. Also, it can improve the tone and texture of the skin.

The tiny punctures associated with micro-needling are a type of measured injury. This method of regulating the body to begin its innate healing process involves a boost in the development of collagen. New cells are created, which means glowing, and more vibrant skin surrounding the eyes. The good news is that it only takes a day or two for the skin to heal. The redness that occurs vanishes after about two hours. Since micro-needling is a mechanical procedure, it doesn’t use or require the use of any harsh chemicals. This allows it to be a much safer treatment from the other treatment options that are out there.

Does Microneedling hurt?

You’re probably asking yourself does micro-needling hurt? Well, truth be told it actually is contingent on the individuals’ pain tolerance, but many people claim that the procedure causes minor discomfort. The area surrounding the eye is more delicate than other areas, but for the most part, is less painful than what most patients claim is intolerable.

Is it Effective?

Microneedling has been verified as a safe and effective treatment for catering to dark circles and puffiness. When you stick with your treatment plan, you will start to become aware that your eye bags are gradually vanishing, as well as your wrinkles. The results from microneedling for dark circles helps to progress skin elasticity. With the help of collagen, the skin becomes firmer and tighter. This treatment sheds years off the look of your face, making you appear more refreshed and younger-looking. You may also gain a glow, which makes the skin appear softer.

Is Microneedling right for me?

Although microneedling is a prime choice for most skin types, the results will differ contingent on the person and their skin types. A consultation with an esthetician at Mederm Esthetics will provide you with a clearer indication of the kind of results you can anticipate with microneedling.

To conclude, microneedling for dark circles and puffiness, on the whole, is a potent treatment that will have you appearing renewed, younger-looking, and re-energized! This anti-aging treatment is intended to improve and rejuvenate the tone and texture of your skin.