picking at pimples

One of the worst stubborn habits that many people continue to do is pick at their pimples. What makes matters worse is that many of us know that we shouldn’t do it. Everybody knows it, but it’s just a bad habit that is hard to stop. Did you know that by picking at your pimples it’s causing scars and marks, but still, you’re finding it difficult to stop.

You have to find a way to fight back the temptation since picking at pimples isn’t doing your skin any favors. Let’s face it, picking and squeezing pimples just won’t make your pimples heal any quicker than leaving them alone. Evidently, you’re not only hurting and possibly scarring your skin, but you’re interrupting the healing process and distributing bacteria all over your face that can potentially cause more blemishes and breakouts. And let’s face it you don’t want that happening. So how do you suggest that you stop? Well, here are some tips to help getting those pesky hands away from your face.

Use Essential Oils

Some essential oils like Tea Tree Oil, Oregano Oil and Lavender Essential Oil can help increase the healing process of pimples since they are considered and function as an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. It is recommended to only use essential oils once a day, in the evening. So, the next time you have the urge to pick, try using essential oils instead.

Avoid constantly looking in the mirror

Have you ever noted that if you go really close to a mirror it instinctively forces you want to pick blackheads and pimples more? At the end of the day, it’s really not necessary to get so close to a mirror. In addition, if you’re trying to drop the bad habit to stop picking your face, it is best to put some space between you and the mirror. It doesn’t mean you have to avoid mirrors altogether, just don’t get so close. The only time you should be using the mirror close up is for makeup, but that’s it.

Heal your pimples faster with anti-inflammatory foods

It is common for people to get frustrated and impatient with pimples. You just want to squeeze them thinking that this will help get rid of them quicker.

You might want to take a second and consider what your diet is consisting of. Are you living off of coffee, sugar, processed foods, and a lot of dairy products? This can definitely be the route to your skin troubles.

Improving your diet by cutting out the garbage food and replacing it with a lot of anti-inflammatory foods can allow the pimples to heal a lot faster. Your pimples can go from healing from weeks to a matter of just days. The foods that can make the most difference in your skin are vegetables, particularly green leafy vegetables. Here at Mederm Esthetics & Laser Clinic in Woodbridge, Vaughan, Concord, Richmond Hill and all over the GTA we are happy to service you with your acne troubles.

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