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Whether you like it or not, your skin will age over time. Sometimes, your skin will suffer damage due to things like measles, acne, sun exposure, drinking, smoking, or disease. Whatever the cause, laser skin resurfacing otherwise known as non-ablative laser resurfacing or laser peel can be of help to you. Laser skin resurfacing is a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment that explicitly eliminates skin layer by layer allowing the formation of new skin cells and the outcome of this is tighter skin and a more youthful look. The procedure can balance your skin tone, reduce scarring, eliminate age spots, and reduce wrinkling. However, there are some crucial elements you need to take into account if you are considering laser skin resurfacing. Let us take a look at five of those elements.

The fact that the procedure is non-invasive does not guarantee that it will be painless

Basically, when we say that the procedure is non-invasive, it means that it is not a surgery and no part of your body will go under the razor. Although non-invasive procedures tend to only be slightly uncomfortable, different people have different threshold and tolerance for pain. Most people who have gone through the procedure describe it, as a rubber band snap against the skin and what that means is that although it stings, it is bearable. The depth, location, and type of laser can also influence how uncomfortable the procedure gets. If you want a deeper treatment, your esthetician will sedate or use anesthetic on you, but more often than not, a topical numbing cream like Emla or senza will do. You may experience tenderness after the procedure so a painkiller will come in handy.

The treatment is not for everyone

Not everyone is an ideal candidate for skin resurfacing so the best way to find out if the treatment suits you is through a consultation with a medical esthetician since there are some elements that may exclude you from the treatment. For instance, if you are susceptible to acne or cold sores, the treatment may trigger a flare up. Moreover, supplements and medication can interfere with the healing process and some medication such as aspirin can intensify bleeding after the procedure. Other lasting health conditions can also have a negative impact on the results of the procedure and healing, so ensure that you disclose everything about your medical history to your esthetician. Let your esthetician know what you expect from the treatment since laser skin resurfacing is not a general solution for skin problems. For instance, it is not an effective treatment for sagging skin, or deep wrinkles.

Timing is very important

If you are going for laser resurfacing, you should know that treated skin is very sensitive to sun exposure for close to a year after the procedure. As such, it would be best to go for the treatment in the winter and fall months when you spend more time indoors and there is less sunlight. Moreover, irrespective of whether you go for laser skin resurfacing or not, it is always a good idea to wear sunscreen to prevent sun damage, hyperpigmentation, and melanoma.

It is not a beauty treatment but rather a medical procedure

Anyone with experience can perform a beauty treatment on you but the same does not apply when it comes to medical procedures. The person performing laser skin resurfacing on you should have the qualification and certification to do it. Preferably, they should be a medical esthetician. Beware of brand names and deals because you may end up regretting your decision in the long run. Go for an accredited and certified expert who has the education, experience, and qualification to perform laser skin resurfacing treatments.

Treatments are personalized

Different lasers provide different results and treat different problems when it comes to laser skin resurfacing. As such, your esthetician will use laser treatments that fit your goals and skin issues. Just like most aesthetic procedures, a single treatment will not cure all your skin ailments. In most cases, minimum three treatment sessions can address your concerns, but if you want lasting results, you will have to go through a series of treatments.

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