At Mederm Esthethics & Laser we now offer this excellent treatment that can take years off your face, with visible results after just one treatment.

Once you reach your 30s, whether you like it or not, your skin has definitely experienced some damage. It might already be visible in the form of lines and wrinkles, or the damage may still be under the skin, waiting to make its appearance in the future.

You may follow a clean diet, exercise daily, and follow a good skin care routine, but there are other factors that come into play too. Maybe you have burnt your skin a few too many times in the sun and are now dealing with the residual damage, or maybe stress has caused a tightening in your muscles, or maybe you find that your skin is incredibly dry no matter what products you use. Sometimes your skin needs a bit more love, and this is why we are so excited to offer this amazing treatment.

Benefits of AFA Peels

There are naturally occurring amino acids in our skin, which are essential to help our skin retain moisture. A hydrated skin is key to a plumper, more youthful skin,.

Unfortunately, age and sun damage decrease amino acids in the skin. This then leaves our skin susceptible to the signs of aging.

Here’s how AFA Peels can benefit your skin:

  • Increases water retention in dry, damaged skin
  • Provides a deep exfoliation for a much smoother and softer complexion
  • Provides 3 times more antioxidants for the skin than AHAs, promoting a healthy skin environment
  • Enlarged pores are reduced and appear more refined
  • Reduction in Acne Breakouts
  • Dramatically improves the appearance of sun damaged skin
  • Reduces irritation and can even be used on Rosacea

What really makes AFAs stand out and above AHAs, is that they provide a much higher concentration of antioxidants to the skin, dramatically improving the skin’s appearance, and unlike AHAs they can be used on even the most sensitive skin, without causing irritation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is a good candidate for this procedure?

This procedure is ideal for anyone suffering from any type of skin damage. Enlarged pores, sun damaged skin, dry or dehydrated skin, acne and even rosacea patients can benefit from this procedure.

How do AFAs work?

This advanced treatment works by delivering a potent blend of antioxidants and amino acids deep into the skin to increase water retention, helping to promote the formation of collagen for a youthful skin. They also provide a deep exfoliation, helping to promote a far smoother skin texture, that you can both see and feel.

How long does the procedure take?

The first step is the mask, which draws out impurities, opens the pores and preps the skin for the peel. The mask is applied for 5 minutes. The peel is then applied in a thin layer and removed promptly after 1-2 minutes, as it works incredibly fast. Your skin professional will then follow up with the appropriate aftercare.

Is it painful?

Because this peel is far less irritating than an AHA peel, there should be little to no discomfort. Sensitive individuals might feel a mild stinging sensation, but this doesn’t last long, as the peel is removed after a minute or 2.

How many treatments are required?

Dramatic results are noticeable after the very first treatment due to the potency of this peel. You can come in for just a single treatment, but for best results we recommend 6 weekly or bi-weekly treatments.

What is the recovery time?

There is no recovery time with an AFA peel as it does not make the skin sun-sensitive.

What are the side effects?

Because this peel is so effective for sensitive skin types, there should be little to no side-effects.

If you have always wanted to try a chemical peel, but have been scared off in the past due to the harsh side-effects of AHAs then AFAs might just change your mind. If your skin is sensitive, oily, dry or damaged, then this treatment is perfect for you. You will notice a dramatic improvement in your skin after just one use with no irritation, and no downtime.