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Many of us are unaware of the link between skin issues and the food we eat. Most often, inflammatory skin conditions, such as acne, can be cleared up simply by cleaning out our diet and replacing foods that cause inflammation, such as sugar, Prevent Skin Aging  with healthier alternatives.

We have put together a list of some of the worst food culprits, so that you can ditch these foods and start enjoying beautiful skin!


This may come as a surprise, but sugar is one of the worst foods when it comes to aging your skin. Sugar draws moisture out of the cells leading to dehydrated skin and therefore, a higher incidence of lines and wrinkles.

Sugar breaks down collagen and elastin. It does this by attaching to proteins in the bloodstream that form molecules that attack these structural proteins. Collagen and elastin are absolutely essential for a plump and youthful skin.

Sugar also causes inflammation in the body, and this may show up on the skin as acne breakouts, redness or a less-than-bright complexion.

Red Meat

Not only is red meat bad for your heart, but it can also age your skin quickly too.

A compound in red meat, called Carnitine (it’s also an additive used in some energy drinks), hardens your blood vessels, increasing your risk for cardiovascular disease as well as an aged complexion.

Fried, Processed Foods

We know fast food and packaged foods are bad for our health, but their effect on the skin can be just as detrimental.

Fried foods cause inflammation in the body, which we now know can age the skin over time.

Processed, fatty foods also contain chemicals and preservatives that create free radicals in the body. These free radicals attack the skin by increasing inflammation or clogging pores. The result is a dry, dull and unhealthy looking skin. Over time, this constant dryness will result in lines and wrinkles.


This one may be a bit controversial, if you love your milk and coffee every morning, but the fact is that dairy causes an inflammatory response in the body. Any foods or drink that cause inflammation should be avoided as they offer no benefits for the skin.

Iodized Salt (Table Salt)

If you use only sea salt or pink Himalayan salt to flavor your meals, then ignore this one.

Iodized salt causes a swelling of skin tissues, which accelerates the rate of aging and may also contribute to acne. Switch up your iodized salt for a sea salt and even then, go easy on it.

Alcohol and Caffeine

This may be a hard one to hear, but sometimes the truth hurts! Alcohol and caffeine cause dehydration in the body, which shows up as dull, dry skin. Try drinking a glass of water with every drink or at least consider cutting down on these two skin aging culprits!

We hope this list helps you to clean up your diet and start providing your skin with the love and care it deserves. It doesn’t matter what fancy products you use, if you don’t eat well, they won’t help. Remember to start taking care of your skin from the inside out and your skin will reward you!

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