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Skin Treatments


When it comes to our skin it is something we need to maintain and keep smooth, just like the clothes we wear. For examples, take a piece of silk. Just one small rip can make a huge discrepancy in how it looks. This is the same with skin. Any burn, skin blemish, wound, or other trauma, like surgery, can produce a scar.

Spider Veins

So for those who have been continuously dreading the sight of their legs, you can say goodbye to your spider vein problems for good. Mederm Esthetics & Laser provides great treatment solutions options, such as; Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), Laser, and Sclerotherapy to efficiently eliminate unwelcome spider veins located on the legs and face.

Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing & Scar Removal

Palomar Starlux 500

Erase years off your appearance and look as young and vital as you want with the revolutionary Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing Treatment. In just one day, you will be amazed at the astonishing results with this remarkable procedure for improving skin texture, removing deep wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes, scars, stretch marks and melasma. It also provides effective solutions for the disappearance of acne scars and hyperpigmentation plus surgical scars, burn scarring and stretch marks. You will see a noticeable reduction in pore size, stimulated collagen and a more even skin tone.

Laser Photo Rejuvenation

Palomar Starlux 500

Photo Rejuvenation using Palomar Starlux 500 improves the skin’s overall complexion while also correcting imperfections such as freckles, rosacea, uneven skin tone, redness, hyperpigmentation and sun spots.

A remarkable non-surgical breakthrough using Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology to transform your skin for the better, it offers you an alternative to concealing your skin since it helps to transform your skin into the youthful, clear skin that you desire.

Laser Stretch Mark Removal

Microdermabrasion & Fractional Resurfacing (Palomar Starlux 500)

Stretch Mark Removal using Microdermabrasion and Palomar Starlux 500 dramatically reduces appearance of stretch marks and texturally damaged skin.

Laser Skin Tightening

Palomar Starlux 500

Laser skin tightening is an exclusive facial innovation procedure that has the capability to generate dramatic skin results.  Laser skin tightening successfully decreases the look of wrinkles and loose skin. You’ll be able to achieve a more youthful look and have softer skin

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