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Ingrown Hair treatment Vaughan

What are ingrown hairs?

Are ingrown hairs a problem for you? Or maybe you’re wondering what they even are? To answer your question, ingrown hairs are hairs that have coiled around and have developed back into your skin, as an alternative of growing up from it. It is common that dead skin can interfere with hair follicles. That promotes the hair inside it to develop sideways under the skin, versus growing upward. If you cut the hair too closely, this will produce an ingrown hair that will produce and expose a prickly end of the hair on the surface of the skin. Although ingrown hairs aren’t severe, they can be frustrating and embarrassing. Ingrown hairs can be dissatisfying as they can also be painful, and form into a boil-like sore. In addition, they can be itchy and uncomfortable, and some bumps may also contain pus inside. Ingrown hairs can also produce scarring, and skin discoloration. For men, ingrown hairs they most frequently appear on the chin, cheeks, or neck after shaving. And for women, they appear on the legs, pubic area, and underarms.



So who is more prone to getting ingrown hairs? Well at the end of the day, anyone can get an ingrown hair. But the skin condition lies more frequently in people who contain very wavy or crude hair. It is a fact that curly hair is more prone to curve back and triumph through the skin, particularly following the procedure that its been shaved or trimmed. In addition, research has been conducted that people who contain high levels of specific sex hormones can have more hair growth, which makes it more probable to obtain ingrown hairs. Furthermore, this particularly happens after shaving. It is important to know that shaving against the course of hair growth is another aspect that has been known to boost the probability of attaining ingrown hairs. From time to time tweezing can additionally leave hair fragments beneath the skin. These fragments obstruct the hair follicles and there lead to ingrown hair. In addition if you wear tight clothing when exercising, this may aggravate the situation. Tight clothing and artificial fabrics, like nylon leggings, and polyester undergarments can aggravate ingrown hairs.



In regards to symptoms associated with ingrown hairs, itchiness and tenderness are the two most common. Sometimes, an ingrown hair can also lead to little red or pink bumps on the skin. These bumps are a sign of inflammation. When an area has been shaved, small pus bumps or dry red bumps usually appear. The bumps more often than not start to become visible a few days after hair removal and can als0 aggravate the skin more as the hairs cultivate again.


Laser hair removal


A highly successful treatment in resolving the ingrown hair dilemma is laser hair removal, which is provided here at Mederm Esthetics & Laser in Vaughan, Woodbridge and Concord. The reason why Laser hair removal is so effective is because it does its job of tackling the core of the problem. The laser energy is immersed into the hair follicle eliminating its ability to generate hair. With Laser hair removal, it entails a series of treatments. With facial hair growth, it is hormonally produced and that’s why it involves continuous maintenance treatments. When doing laser hair removal, with each treatment the follicle decreases in volume. Furthermore, the hair becomes a lot finer and lighter in color. Overall, this precludes the ingrown from growing. With laser hair removal, it eternally kills the follicles, where the hair will not grow back. Although being fully hair free won’t be the case, about 70-90 % of the hair reduction will be treated. The other great thing about laser hair removal is that it also assists to improve any skin marks caused by the ingrown hairs. If you are hesitant about going through with laser hair removal, don’t as the treatments are fast with minimal discomfort.



Are you looking to get rid of ingrown hairs? Well another viable treatment and solution is microdermabrasion. You’ll get a smoother complexion with microdermabrasion. A microdermabrasion treatment consists of running a small vacuum over your face that lays down crystals that agitate and lift the top layers of cells. The debris is then sucked up. This treatment is great, as regular treatments will prevent ingrown hairs. You will always have that fresh look when using microdermabrasion at Mederm Esthetics & Laser in Woodbridge, Vaughan, and Concord. Having regular treatments like microdermabrasion at Mederm Esthetics & Laser in Vaughan, Woodbridge and Concord will assist to exfoliate the dead skin cells. In addition, it will get rid of hair follicles allowing hair to come up. It’s a good idea to have a bunch of treatments to not only to efficiently abolish ingrown hairs but to also purify your pores. Microdermabrasion is a less agonizing cosmetic treatment where crystals such as zinc oxide or aluminum oxide are used for getting rid of scars. As ingrown hair scars are raised scars, they can be successfully removed by using this treatment.

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