Laser Tattoo Removal

Everyone has regrets, and for some, tattoos are a big one. Something that seemed like a good idea at the time is now a constant reminder of a bad idea. Maybe your tattoo didn’t turn out like you hoped or it reminds you of a time in your life that you’d rather forget. Or perhaps your tattoos are holding you back from your chosen career path. Whatever your reason, you’ll be happy to know that laser tattoo removal exists and is available to you.

The Dangers of Common Tattoo Removal Procedures

Other tattoo removal procedures include salabrasion, chemical peels and surgical excision – all of which can leave permanent scarring.

Salabrasion is similar to dermabrasion, but much harsher. A mixture of coarse salt and water is applied to the area and basically does a very in depth exfoliation, to the point of bleeding. This method is better for tattoos that were not applied very deep, such as ones done unprofessionally.

Chemical peels to remove tattoos supposedly work by penetrating into the layer of skin where the tattoo is, the dermis, by provoking cell renewal. What may also frighten you is that some of the ingredients in the cream used for chemical peels can be toxic and aren’t generally believed to penetrate the skin deep enough to have an effect.

Lastly, surgical excision is exactly how it sounds. A doctor uses a scalpel to remove the tattoo and then stitches the area back up. This is best for small tattoos but increases the risk of scarring and leaving the skin discolored.

Why We Recommend Laser Treatments

Tattoos are generally made to last, so it takes a specialized treatment to remove them. With laser tattoo removal, a special laser is applied evenly with a focused beam that raises the temperature of the tattoo. This heat breaks up the ink, which is then removed by the lymphatic system in the body. The tattoo will fade in a short number of weeks.

Tattoos with darker ink are easier to remove, though tattoos with lighter ink can be removed, just with more sessions.

Laser tattoo removal only takes 10-30 minutes per session. Some tattoos only require one session but if more is needed, the typical wait time is up to 2 months between treatments to give the area enough time to heal.

Removing a tattoo doesn’t hurt, but patients might feel discomfort. It is not more painful than getting the tattoo in the first place. To put the client at ease, the skin is also often numbed topically beforehand.

The area might be swollen and sensitive after treatment but can be treated with ice until the swelling goes down. There are very rare side effects, and they are usually limited to the area being hypersensitive, having more pigment or sometimes pinpoint bleeding.

Prices are subject to a case-by-case basis but removing a small tattoo can range anywhere from around $200 for a session and around $1200 for 10-12 sessions. Larger tattoos can range from $600 to over $1000 for a single session.

It’s nice to know there are options out there and that you don’t have to be stuck with a tattoo you don’t want forever. Don’t ever be afraid to ask questions before a service as knowledge really is power and you as the client should always feel comfortable!

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