How to maintain your skin in the wintertime

As much as many people enjoy the wintertime for the holiday season, for our skin, the winter climate doesn’t do us any justice. Winter brings both cold air and low temperatures, so therefore this produces dry, tight and dull skin. So why does winter put a damper on our skin? Our skin requires a lot of moisture and this becomes hard with the cold air. This winter season has already brought really cold weather as predicted. So here at Mederm Esthetics & Laser, we want to inform you about sustaining moisturized, radiant, and healthy skin. And in order to achieve this, hydration is the ultimate goal. Here are some tips in order to maintain your skin in the best way possible.


Beautiful skin starts from within

If your wondering of a way that you can achieve that healthy glow, a lot of it has to do with nutrients. Providing your body with the right nutrients will make all the difference. Healthiness starts with essential hydration and that comes from within. This means not drinking enough water can produce dry skin. This is the number one thing that you want to avoid doing. We tend to crave coffee in the morning and afternoon and we then forget to properly hydrate. Coffee shreds our skin of essential moisture; so instead, we should be replenishing our skin with water and herbal teas. In addition, herbal teas are great for relieving stress and contain antioxidants.



Another way to prepare your skin for winter if by nourishing your skin with proper moisturizers and serums. You’ll want to search for products that contain rich hydration, and that also protect your skin from the outside weather. Glycerin and hyaluronic acid are important ingredients that should be included. These two important ingredients provide moisture maintenance, and this is because of their capability to battle against lack of moisture, and with their power to sustain and grasp water.



Many people think that sunscreen is only good for the summertime, but it is actually important in the winter season as well. In fact, the winter sun’s UV’s are similar to the summer’s as they can both affect the skin. Not wearing sunscreen will not allow your skin to gain that essential moisture, and the end result will be dry and dull skin. Sunscreen is very powerful as it prevents wrinkles and fine lines. Even if you’re outside for a short period of time and your thinking to not bother putting on sunscreen, think again. It can actually make a huge difference over a long period of time. Your skin will look great now and continue to over the years.


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