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Sometimes, Mother Nature needs a little help in order for skin to maintain its health and vitality. At Mederm Esthetics & Laser, our experienced and certified skin care specialists can help you achieve the ultimate goal of skin wellness. With over 16 years of experience in medical esthetics and laser treatments, our goal is to consult, treat, educate and promote the benefits of personal skin and body care to achieve a better and younger skin condition.

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About Us
We are a full service esthetics and laser clinic that caters to your every need for resolving skin care issues. We use a wide variety of non-surgical treatments, state-of-the-art laser technology and a professional line of skin care products to help you rejuvenate your skin. We take great pride in what we do, and we are dedicated to providing the best possible experience for our clients. Whether you’re experiencing fine lines, wrinkles and a dull uneven skin tone, we can help protect your skin from the damaging effects caused by environmental hazards that result in premature aging. Our clinic is also skilled in managing conditions and support therapies for acne, rosacea, eczema, and dry skin, to name just a few.

What we Provide

How many times have you wished you no longer had to shave, pluck or wax unwanted hair? Well, now you can with the Laser Hair Removal Soprano XL ICE System® offered at Mederm Esthetics & Laser for a comfortable way to safely eliminate unwanted body hair.

Rejuvenate and tighten your skin, rapidly eliminate the appearance of spider and facial veins and stretchmarks, all with our state-of-the-art, non-surgical treatments.
Erase years from the appearance of your skin naturally with the Derma-Pod ™ and Silhouette Tone® technology offered at Mederm Esthetics & Laser. We use the latest equipment to bring you long lasting and superior results for younger looking skin.


With over 16 years of experience in the Medical Esthetic field, Maria is passionate about what she does and delivers the best possible skin care for all of her clients. She takes pride knowing that her customers are happy and love the skin they’re in following treatments at Mederm Esthetics & Laser. Maria graduated from the Esthetics Diploma program at Seneca College in 2004 and Medical Esthetics Diploma Program at Skin Care Academy in 2009. While employed in a clinical setting, she continued to upgrade her skills and acquired certifications for Capillary Coagulation and Skin Tag Removal at the Beautex School in 2012 and Thermocoagulation from Somak Silhouette Tone in 2013. She was the senior medical esthetician at Q-Esthetic Laser Clinic in Vaughan and worked alongside Dr. Neal Belluzzo at the ClinEsthetics Med Spa. Maria was also the supervisor and senior medical esthetician at A&T Laser/AN-Tech Hair Clinic. Her talent also extended to training staff and management at previous work locations on the Palomar Starlux 500 Laser and Microdermabrasion technology.  Additionally, Maria obtained certificates for the following procedures:

Maria goes the extra mile to provide her clients with her vast knowledge and extensive expertise in the skin care industry. She ensures that each individual receives the utmost care and consideration in delivering the most suitable skin care remedy for their particular needs, using state-of-the art treatments and technology. Contact Mederm Esthetics to book your free consultation, and discover how to love the skin you’re in.


With over eight years of experience in the Medical Esthetics field, Christine is passionate about what she does and takes pride in knowing that her clients are happy with the outcome results of their skin.  Seeing before/after results of their skin and putting a smile on their face knowing that I have made a difference there and delivers the best possible skincare for all of her clients.

She takes pride in knowing that her customers are happy and love the skin they’re in following treatments at Mederm Esthetics & Laser. Christine graduated from the Esthetics Diploma program at Look Aesthetics Academy in 2011. Contact Christine Today and discover how to love the skin you’re in at Mederm Esthetics clinic. 

What our customer families say…

Maria has been providing laser hair removal treatments for me for the past few years. She is very professional, gentle, reasonably priced, and flexible with her schedule. I have been very happy with the procedure and the results. I would highly recommend her to anyone I know.

Michelle S., Thornhill, Ontario

I have been a client of Maria’s now for a year and a half and I have to say I am very pleased with all services I have received from her. Her work is consistent, prices VERY reasonable and workplace is clean and organized. Highly recommend her and to those seeking professional services.

Nadia A., Toronto, Ontario

I am very happy with my treatments. I can’t wait until I start treating other parts of my body. I don’t worry about shadow on my legs anymore. Maria’s pricing is half the price of what I used to pay. I’m very happy with the results. She uses the Soprano XL. It works amazing!!

Tanya Y., Woodbridge, Ontario

*Disclaimer: Please be advised that individual results vary for each client.