When it comes to treating nail fungus, getting it treated with a laser is your best bet. Many laser clinics are using it and promoting it as the most effective treatment to treat nail fungus. We must not forget that nail fungus is far from just a cosmetic issue. If left untreated it can lead to further complicated health concerns. So if you want to avoid that from happening, treat your nail fungus right away and get it treated with a laser. 

Fungal nail infections are usually formed by a kind of fungi called dermatophytes, although particular yeasts and molds might additionally add to the nail fungus. Nail fungi normally grows in warm and hot environments such as at spas, swimming pools, public showers and locker areas, also walking around public areas without shoes on increases your chance of getting nail fungus. Here are the 7 reasons why you should get a laser treatment for nail fungus. 

1. It Is Totally Safe

The procedure is out of harm’s way, not involving any blood, bandaging, anesthesia, or contact with any UV radiation. Clients additionally claim that they have felt minimal to no pain. The only thing you might experience is the warmth of the laser, which cools down right away.

2. The Federal Drug Administration Approves It

The laser treatment is FDA approved, which means it has been proven safe and successful before it was permitted on the market.

3. It’s More Effective Than Other Treatments On The Market

There are other treatments options out there for toenail fungus, but they are not usually effective. Oral medications come in pill form that tries to kill the fungus by getting into your blood stream. Topical treatments comprise of oils, lacquers or creams that are applied directly to the nail, but they often take months or years to show any type of result. Both treatments aren’t able to kill the toenail fungus entirely. 

4. There Are No Reported Side Effects

Alternative treatments like oral, topical or at-home treatments can often have some side effects such as liver and kidney health risks or negative effects on your skin. Toenail fungus laser treatment does not.

5. It Works Right Away 

After the toenail fungus laser treatment you will start seeing results as soon as the new, healthy toenail begins to emerge. 

6. It Can Be Done On Your Lunch Hour

The toenail fungus laser treatment is a quick procedure; so fast in fact that it can even be completed on your lunch break. The treatment usually requires treatments that are repeated every week at a minimum of 3-6 sessions varying on the severity of the fungus. The treatment is about 10-15 minutes in total length. Once a session is performed patients can put their socks and shoes back on and go back to their scheduled daily routine.

7. Effective Results

 A clinical study has shown that 90% no longer has toenail fungus after the laser treatment, and of the 10% that still had it, 80% of those tested negative after the course of the treatments was repeated.